The Hardware Shop

When competing at the top level in anything-especially when money is involved – the difference between being king of the road and middle of the pack is generally miniscule. Jamjos Enterprises is a Hardware shop located in Luthuli avenue in Nairobi Kenya. The street is well known for sale in Hardware related materials ranging from Tiles and Sanitary ware to cement and sand. Due to high competition and great demand for hardware materials, Jamjos decided to incorporate technology to increase their profit margin. “Finding that edge is what keeps professional business men awake at night” – Hildah Njomo

In the days before big data and websites came into play, marketing meant involving media such as Television, Radio and Newspaper. It also meant walking to construction sites and other related businesses, then forming some sort of alliance.

The client wanted a website that could drive sales and convert any visitor to a buyer. The package also involved creating the respective social media accounts and creating banners and logos to be used in campaigns and by the affiliates.

Using robust data technology such as the Google Analytics System that tracks every traffic on the site, the opportunity now exists to be far more objective about the sites performance, focusing in meaningful data rather than on mere noise.

We’ve helped to bridge Jamjos products to new customers, fans and hobbyists online by recreating the e-commerce experience. Teamed up with E-volve Marketing Agency, our sister marketing company. Our development teams have built a multi-device e-commerce platform that, among others, is integrated with warehouse and CRM systems. Users can pick their favorite products and choose from options like Add to cart and add to wishlist to proceed with their shopping.