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Kirangari High School (KHS), is a four year public high school located in Wangige, Kabete, Kenya. Kirangari opened in 1951 amid turmoil and adversity. When Kirangari high opened to 467 students and 34 teachers in 1951, the building was not carpeted, the library was empty , most classrooms were without desks and athletic fields were non-existent. Kirangari has grown since its opening to become one of the largest high schools in the area, and a top performer district-wise. The school has gone through various additions over the years, check website for more info, most recently, integrating technology to improve achievement without taking away from the curriculum.

The methodology used was Dynamic Systems Development Method(DSDM) Atern. An agile project delivery framework that delivers the right solution at the right time.

The main reason for choosing the methodology is :

  • Focused on business benefit
  • On-time and in budget
  • Quality and rigour
  • Incremental
  • Collaborative

The core language used was PHP. PHP is one of the most widely used server-side scripting languages, and is perhaps the most popular programming language in use today. PHP is one fourth of the LAMP software stack, a database, framework, and server software bundle used to engineer a site’s back-end architecture.

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