KakaGlobal | Auto Dealer

KakaGlobal Corporation is a world-known automotive seller headquartered in Europe, Nolfolk. As of the end of 2018, the corporation numbers seven key business divisions, 600+ subsidiaries, and 350K+ employees around the globe. Throughout over 25 years of operation, KakaGlobal has become the world’s largest car company and the market leader in selling hybrid vehicles.

At one point, the Customer realized their legacy static website was not enough for efficient sales. KakaGlobal needed an ecommerce web application with advanced features addressing the needs of the most exacting online buyers. The company wanted to stand out from online competition by ensuring unparalleled shopping experience for the customers in search of a perfectly fitting Automotive.

To address the challenge, our team supplemented the existing .NET-based ecommerce platform with another dynamic website, the two sites sharing a single database and admin area. A single system back-office stood for a shared product stock, order processing system, user base, and statistics on sales, which, in turn, was designed to reach out to a wider audience, while facilitating operations of back-office administrators.

In the course of ecommerce development, Maintcode’s team delivered two ecommerce websites: motors.co.ke and kakaglobal.co.ke Both online stores provide versatile opportunities to both end users and system administrators.

Online buyers got more personalized, convenient and enjoyable shopping experience thanks to the following features:

Design center.

Advanced catalog search. The Quick Search feature enables prompt searching by all products and features, while Furniture Finder allows customers to sort the list of selected items by several criteria at a time (price range/brand/dimensions/product category/etc.).

Parallel shopping and shared cart. The custom-built Shared Cart provides an opportunity to shop on the two websites simultaneously, casting selected items into one consolidated order

Shopping on the go. Both websites are optimized for tablets and mobile devices. Cross-device testing was carried out to determine what changes need to be introduced to ensure those who use their mobile devices to navigate kakaglobal.co.ke shop with the utmost comfort.

Administrators can manage homepage widgets, process and track orders, manage products and customers, launch and track marketing campaigns. Rich data analytics features allow them to gather statistics and create reports on the two dynamic websites from a single admin interface through powerful and easy-to-use dashboards.