IT Consulting Company

Our Customer, ITBrothers (formerly known as Promise Corporation) is a reputed IT consulting agency and a pioneer in the field of co-creation. Since 2000, the company has been helping world-known brands build trustful relationships with customers and improve their offerings via client-centric co-innovation.

The Customer was looking for a partner experienced in WordPress development to design and implement a custom collaboration solution. The solution was to enable dialog streams between brands and their audiences, thus uncovering valuable insights about preferences and expectation of the target audiences. The Customer chose Maintcode as a trusted service provider with an extensive expertise in delivering custom WP-based solutions and in collaboration software development.

Maintcode business analysts gathered the Customer’s requirements onsite. This allowed them to understand the project outline clearly and to create a detailed project plan with comprehensive feature maps. The preliminary analysis enabled Maintcode team to split the project into 10 phases. Following the Agile methodology, the team deployed the solution in stages and improved its functionality continuously according to the Customer’s feedback.

Maintcode created a scalable online platform that supports private online communities. The communities enable thousands of employees, customers, stakeholders, and experts to collaborate simultaneously, exchange opinions and share their ideas about products and services. This way, the platform acts as a brand’s personal 24/7 consumer advisory board that allows contacting the relevant audience on a permanent basis. Thanks to the ongoing collaboration, brands can decide on optimal improvements faster and implement changes that customers expect.

he final solution contains a number of custom features that enable diversified and dynamic collaboration of various participants. Flash-based components. The solution allows community participants to chat in real time along with drawing and uploading images and videos to the chat space.

Email notifications. The community participants receive personalized notifications about upcoming community events and can add these events to their calendars. Customizable design. Maintcode delivered several pre-configured templates so that the Customer can launch new communities with custom design without spending additional development effort.

Intuitive user interface and easy navigation. The successful collaboration of the development team and business analysts allowed Maintcode to design a user-friendly solution adapted to different browsers. High scalability. The solution allows the Customer to expand the number of active users from different countries and representing different brands and demonstrates high performance in peak hours.

Involved in the collaboration software development project, Maintcode used WordPress as the main technology framework and leveraged the Microsoft Entity Framework with customized third-party components as the data access layer.

Considering the performance requirements and complexity of the required user interface, Maintcode team offered to use a Microsoft SQL Server in order to ensure a correct representation of media files.

The team implemented a set of native ISAPI extensions and filters in order to support multiple communities hosted on a single website with a minimal performance penalty, ensure in-memory caching of media files, and tune HTTP caching.