Real Estate | Urotide

Our Customer – Urotide Investors – is a well-established real estate company located in Nairobi, Kenya.

Believing the internet to be the top channel of real-estate distribution, the company launched a one-stop online store that is open 24/7 around the world for viweing, scheduling and booking of real-state.

After the website’s release, the Customer realized it needed in-depth enhancement, as the application didn’t perform in the way it was expected to. As long as the website had to process heavy traffic and secure payment transactions, the company needed a reliable support and maintenance team to take care of the system. The team had to fix the existing bugs ensuring the solution’s correct work and improve its functionality continually keeping the application on the competitive edge. Guided by a positive reference concerning our ecommerce website development capabilities, the company turned to Maintcode.

The project is built around a multifunctional RoR-based website that supports the full cycle of real-estate products distribution, from offering for sale and order management to online payment processing and downloading.

Urotide customers and the company’s employees, the solution provides comprehensive tools for content, user, and order management through the admin panel, advanced product searching, and online payment capabilities.

Though rich in functionality, the application was technologically outdated and inefficient in terms of usability. After the in-depth analysis of the current state of the source code, Maintcode’s support team started out website enhancement with the upgrade from the RoR2 to RoR4, then re-wrote the code completely and eliminated bugs and imperfections.

Addressing the problem of load resistance, we proposed to migrate the system to high-power servers, which helped to skyrocket the website’s scalability and optimize the infrastructure. As a result, the system currently processes 5,000+ active users simultaneously without any slowdowns.

To make the solution more navigable and user-friendly, Maintcode’s team improved the interface of the payment system and extended the search capabilities. Besides, we updated the frontend design leveraging mock-ups provided by the Customer. For the website administrators, we implemented product versioning enabling easy catalogue updating without reattributing.

With a series of website enhancement techniques successfully implemented, we managed to raise the user satisfaction rate and accelerate content management workflows of the company.

At present, the system is continually supported and enhanced by our team whenever required, which allows the Customer to feel safe about its efficiency and compliance with the market needs.